7 Afrocentric Abstract Art: Original Black Artwork for Sale

The following are seven original Afrocentric abstract artworks created for the first art collection launch on the website. All of the artworks are available for sale as authentic physical art pieces.

What Art Culture In General Is Missing

As a black artist of Haitian descent living in the United States and learning about the art culture from art history to the present, I've always noticed a gap in black art representation. Black creators who make art almost all are aware of this.

The gap I've always noticed stems from visits to art museums, the more prominent name art galleries locally and internationally. African American, African, and other black ethnic artists are always under-represented.

A few years ago, there was a big issue with the Oscars and the inequality in Hollywood regarding actors in the film industry being predominantly white, they've tried make some changes but it's still an issue not discussed enough. 

From the Art Renaissance to Contemporary Art

Outside of Egyptian art, the wide variety of black art from other cultures isn't taught to artists like Romanticism and the Art Renaissance is.

My goal with my work is to spark a change in that. I could draw anything and create art on any subject matter that inspires me, and I do. Yet, I find it is essential to create art deeply inspired by my culture and to magnify the beauty of black and brown people.

Thankfully social media, for the most part, is not biased to the extent where black creators are so limited that we can't shine.

Over the years, the use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and even very niche art/design platforms like Deviant Art has allowed artists of any gender and race to build a following for their art.

As a black creator, I feel it is part of my journey and story to create visual art with my interpretation of culture, not trends, but culture. The art I create magnify the beauty in black culture.

The Original Afrocentric Artworks

Afrocentric visual poetry. I strive to create art that is symbolic and which will be great conversation starters. Art that could be or could have been inspired by poetry.

The following are 7 Afrocentric abstract artworks for art patrons and collectors may purchase though the shop's art collection.

Afrocentric Maze

King Solomon and the Lion of Judah

Afro Beauty

Tears of Fallen

Beauty in Struggle

Revolting Heart

Beautiful Mind

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