Wall art prints by artist Kenal Louis. The following is a collection of unique art prints for sale to inspire imagination and showcase self-expression.

Black Artist Artwork | Contemporary Wall Art Prints

Shop this unique art prints collection for sale by artist Kenal Louis. Support a black-owned business and artist brand.

If you are here it’s because somehow you for wall art prints and this page came across your screen through social media or a search engine.

Whether you are an art patron, collector, or someone looking for a special gift idea for someone they care for you will find a unique body of artworks available as art prints you can buy online.


An impressive and creative contemporary wall art collection. The selected artworks feature abstract patterns and line movement. Below is the style of art you will find in the shop to consider:

  • Handmade Pen and Ink Drawings
  • Digital Illustrations
  • Contemporary Line Art
  • Simple and Detail Abstract Pattern Art

Art Subject Matters

The following are the key subject matters you will see featured in the art prints collection listed on the shop. Tags: Wall art prints, abstract art prints, black artist artwork, unique art prints, contemporary wall art prints

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