Shop to own creative Afrocentric t-shirts created by artist Kenal Louis. Unisex Afrocentric tee shirts are designed to be unique. Stand out in any of these Afrocentric t-shirts for men and women.

Afrocentric Graphic Tees by Kenal Louis

Afrocentric T-shirts Collection

Afrocentric T-shirts Collection: Afrocentric Tees

Abstract and symbolic artwork create to represent black culture, Afrocentricity, African roots, and other expressions and symbols for black people.

Each artwork is created by hand and then digitized to be made ready for production by the manufacturer that handles the printing for the graphic tees.

The artworks are all created to inspire, empower, and bring feelings of nostalgia to whoever gets to experience them. These black culture t-shirts will capture others' attention at first glance, whether as wall artwork or graphic tee.

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