"I will spark a change in the world through art." Kenal Louis

Creating original pen and ink artworks to inspire imagination, showcase self-expression, and spark conversations.

Kenal Louis Art Series and Collections

The art collections feature original pen and ink artworks, black ink abstract art, contemporary line art, and pen & ink illustrations by Kenal Louis.

The Artist: Kenal Louis

Hi! I'm Kenal Louis

The greatest joy for me is when someone contacts me to send me photos of my art hanging on the wall of their homes.

I was four years old when I began drawing, and since then, I've never stopped drawing. Today, I can't recall taking more than a month off to create something creatively.

Art Is My Passion | Being An Artist Is My Purpose

I never imagined that I would be making art or inspiring other creative artists and students the way I do today. Although, I always dreamed of being an artist and maybe even an art teacher.

Today I am living my childhood dream.

Original Pen and Ink Drawing

Featured Artwork

Beautiful Mind: Original Pen and Ink Artwork + NFT Version

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