"I will spark a change in the world through art." Kenal Louis

A visual artist creating original pen and ink art, artistic t-shirts, and tattoo artworks to inspire imagination, showcase self-expression and spark conversations.

Kenal Louis Art Series and Collections

The art collections feature original pen and ink artworks for art collectors and patrons. Prints and graphic t-shirts are available for a limited selection of drawings.

Black ink art collective

Original Pen and Ink Art for Sale

The following selected artworks are all originals and not prints. Some may be available as art prints in the (contemporary wall art prints) but these are purely one of a kind art pieces.

The rawest form of art you will find created by Kenal Louis. Back ink art collective series inspired by the human heart, black culture, wildlife and more!

The Artist: Kenal Louis

Hi! I'm Kenal Louis

The greatest joy for me is when someone contacts me to send me photos of my art hanging on the wall of their homes.

I was four years old when I began drawing, and since then, I've never stopped drawing. Today, I can't recall taking more than a month off to create something creatively.

Art Is My Passion | Being An Artist Is My Purpose

I never imagined that I would be making art or inspiring other creative artists and students the way I do today. Although, I always dreamed of being an artist and maybe even an art teacher.

Today I am living my childhood dream.

14x17 Original Pen and Ink Drawing

Featured Artwork

Beautiful Mind: Original Pen and Ink Artwork + NFT Version