Beautiful Mind: Original Pen and Ink Artwork


"Beautiful Mind" is an original pen and ink drawing created by artist Kenal Louis. A free-hand drawing artwork created on bright white 20-100 LB - Bristol board paper.  

Artwork Title: Beautiful Mind

An original pen and ink artwork for sale, the only 1-of-1 version of the original drawing by Kenal Louis.

Art Highlights

  • Original handmade drawing: ( with marks, original characteristics like pencil marks, some minor potential ink spots)
  • Materials: Bristol board paper cardstock paper, Indian Ink, and Marker
  • Height: 17 inches
  • Width: 14 inches
  • Bank Notarized certificate of Authenticity: (Title, Size, Medium, Artist, Signature)
  • Signed with either on the back or in front


All of the pieces in the collections in the store are free-hand drawing artworks created on bright white 20-100 LB - Bristol board paper. 

Original Artwork 

Unique art for your private art collection, or to gift to a loved one for a special occasion from an artist who is actively creating art and sharing his creative thoughts with the world. This original pen and ink drawing looks great with a mat inside an 11 x 14 or 16 x 20 frame white or black. 

ARTWORK By Kenal Louis.
- Created with passion by Kenal Louis. 
- Ships within 3-5 business days. Please allow (2-5 business days for processing your original art purchase. Notarization, packaging, and shipping. You'll be notified once your item shipped.)

How Art the Artworks Shipped?

All of the original art in the shop are shipped with the following materials.

  • Rigid Mailer Large Envelope
  • Thick Backer for bending protection
  • Crystal Clear Protective Closure Bags

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me!

Shipping Policy:

Return Policy on Original Art

Please read before purchase. It is your responsibility to read this before making a purchase.  As it is made available and brought to your attention in the description area of each listed artwork.


Whether you are an art collector, patron, or new to the art world you can find an original ink artwork by Kenal Louis in this art collection category on the other various styles available in the shop.

A Kenal Louis Afrocentric and Black culture art collection.

Kenal Louis The Artist

"Since I started learning about art history, the art world, and even focused on refining my art direction, I've known there is a need for more black culture art. The mainstream art industry has never truly appreciated black artists... there is still a huge inequality gap that needs to be shortened.

As a black artist, part of my lifelong purpose is to use my creativity and imagination to close the gap with my work. Also, my works are created to inspire the next generation, and hopefully, more black artists will become widely known... Not just Jean-Michel, kehinde, and Ernie Barnes but many more."

Tags: black culture drawings, black culture art, black heritage art, afrocentric art, afrocentric drawing, black culture artwork, black history art

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