Butterfly Symbolism in Art: Symbol of Transformation

The butterfly is one of the most recognized animals as a symbol of transformation. I created the following original abstract butterfly artwork in 2017. Unfortunately, I wasn't documenting all of my work with video or photos as much as I do presently.

The Eye of the Butterfly

Butterfly Drawing Eye Detail

Focused On Making Art, Not Recording

I creatively focused on just creating the art and wasn't concerned with others' needing to see the process or the progression of the artworks as I worked on them. I didn't fear that others would try to steal my art or style. It had a lot more to do with how reserved I was.

Honestly, I don't know many extrovert artists. Even the artist actively posting on social media keeps to themselves for the most part. They are not the life of the party type of individuals.

Butterfly Drawing Abstract Butterfly Artwork Detail

Marketing Lead to Consistent Art Sales

Easier Said Than Done, Right?

Learning about marketing and wanting to do art full-time to where it's my primary income source is the ultimate goal financially.

The goal of selling art more consistently is a challenge many artists face. However, I'm hopeful that I will reach that goal with a more constant effort to build an audience and awareness of my art.

Social media, search engines, and the growing marketplace have created an opportunity for modern-day artists to have multiple choices to show their work. In addition, artists can share their personalities, thoughts, and what they value alongside the art they create.

Abstract Butterfly Drawing

People Have to Feel Connected to You

I have learned that people invest or purchase goods or services from other people because they feel connected to them. However, it's still not an easy thing to do with this thought.

As an artist continually working to show more of his face online to share his personality, I can't fake my mood or my beliefs. So I have to be the most genuine, especially in front of a camera.

The people who are meant to like my work beyond just giving it a like or leaving a comment on a post will gravitate towards me no matter what.

The Transformation of the Artist

Similar to butterflies, we all grow through a metamorphosis in our lives. We must evolve as artists to stay alive. But, as human beings, we must go through our unique pathways and develop into who we are meant to become.

Butterfly Symbolism in Art

This drawing is one of the few large artworks I've created of a butterfly. At some point, I imagine I will create a collection of them ranging from 20-to 100 pieces. Within the artwork, I enjoy drawing hidden elements of symbolism.

The thought process I use with all the art I make is similar in that I like to let my hand guide me as I draw. Line movement, as well as implied movement, is something I frequently practice in my art.

There is never a shortage of symbolism in my work. Whether it represents transformation, grace, hope, positivity, or something else, these tiny insects are the most beautiful I believe there is among insects.

Stay tuned for more butterfly art to be shared and created.

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