A collection of Afrocentric artworks created with pen and ink by visual artist Kenal Louis inspired by black culture. The abstract line and pattern drawings are created with implied movement and repetition of shapes.

Unique Afrocentric Pen and Ink Artworks

For the everyday person, a pen is used to just write. The individuals who are not the most creative people or who would not consider themselves creative do not see the value of the pen beyond it being used for writing as a tool.

For artists who draw a pen is highly valuable and whether it is pen ball-point pens or black Pitt or brush pens, without the pen some artists do not create art. While some may creative digital art or paint on canvases to make beautiful pieces of art.

The use of a pen in making art can be historically traced back to the early Greek and Chinese ancient eras. 


Whether you are an art collector, patron, or new to the art world you can find an original ink artwork by Kenal Louis in this art collection category on the other various styles available in the shop.

A Kenal Louis original Afrocentric and black culture art collection. 

Black Art For Sale Artwork Prints

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Kenal Louis The Artist

"Since I started learning about art history, the art world, and even focused on refining my art direction, I've known there is a need for more black culture art. The mainstream art industry has never truly appreciated black artists... there is still a huge inequality gap that needs to be shortened.

As a black artist, part of my lifelong purpose is to use my creativity and imagination to close the gap with my work. Also, my works are created to inspire the next generation, and hopefully, more black artists will become widely known... Not just Jean-Michel, kehinde, and Ernie Barnes but many more."

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