Musical Hearts NFTs

The musical hearts series is a limited-edition collection of 100 human heart illustrations. Each heart was created with a different unique color combination and color code. Only 100 musical hearts will ever be minted, all illustrated by artist Kenal Louis.

Kenal Louis

The Artist:  Kenal Louis

Illustrator, Designer

1st NFT Giveaway



ETH Minted

Listed on Opensea

100 Musical Hearts Being Given Away

Musical Hearts

How can you win 1 of the 100 musical heart NFTS?

The following are the participation rules!

  1. Like & RT the pinned Tweet at the top on my twitter profile @KENALLOUIS.
  2. Follow me on Twitter @KENALLOUIS
  3. Join the Art Launch email list.


    Guardian Coffee Musical Heart Blue Red Blended Musical Heart
    Tetradic Musical Heart Turquoise Red Musical Heart


    Why is 100 hearts being given away?

    I created 100 African Masks pen and ink drawings that will launch as an NFT art auction. This giveaway of the 100 hearts is to support the upcoming tribal mask art collection. I wanted to build awareness for the upcoming project and give a ton of value away beforehand.

    100 Unique African Masks NFTs Auctioning in the Fall

    The first 12 African Masks Artworks

    How will the 100 Winners Will Be Chosen?

    • Twitter handles will be checked and validated for Retweet engagement. The email submitted must be real and verified. Lastly, participant must be following @KENALLOUIS on twitter. All of this will be checked. 
    • 50 winners will be announced per week for 2 weeks in total. They will be reached out to via email for their wallet address to get whitelisted and they will receive a pre-minted NFT no gas fee required.
    • Then winners can hold the NFT for long term or flip to make profit with the NFT they won!! (there is 5% creator fee contracted with the minted NFTs)